Do You Want To Plan A Surprise Engagement Proposal? Check Out 4 Steps To Go About It

If you’re lucky enough to find someone you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with, you’ve won half the battle now the second frontier is officially “sealing the deal”. 

Figuring out how to propose can be a herculean task because you need to consider ring shopping, a proper venue and of course memorizing that speech!

Well not to worry, we’ve come up with a short guide to help you pop the question.

1. Plan A Suitable Celebration 

 You don’t need an overly outlandish party but you need to find a proper way to celebrate.

Book a table at your favorite restaurant, put some champagne on ice, or have a few friends waiting at the venue. 

You need to really read into your partner’s personality to determine whether a private one-on-one celebration or a full-fledged family affair would be best.

2. Find The Right Moment 

Life happens fast, so be prepared to go with the flow. Don’t rush the proposal just because the sun is about to set or dinner is nearly over, instead wait until the moment really feels right. Also make sure your partner is in a good state of mind.

3. Cook Up A Fake Story To Maintain The Surprise 

To avoid blowing the surprise, come up with a foolproof ruse that leads your lady off track a bit. They may know something’s up, especially if you’re taking a trip or have out-of-the-ordinary plans so don’t hesitate to cook something up. 

4. Keep the ring safe 

From the second you have the ring in your hands, keep it safe! Invest in insurance right away, then find a safe place to hide the ring until it’s time. When you’re ready to propose, safety is still key! 

***Source: TheGuardian

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