Short Story: Silence by Soye Akag

Here I am sitting on a wooden stool with the rain dropping heavily on me with my tears flowing away with the rain.Sisi mi(My Mum) called me exactly 35 minutes ago to tell me “The Monster” is back.All I wanna hear about him is his funeral not him back in the country.

I guess you are thinking and wondering am a spoilt and rude girl for calling my mother “Sisi mi”.I actually grew up with my older siblings calling her that and I enjoyed the flow really, I prefer it to “Mom, Mummy, Maami, Mama Ibeji” etc.

The closeness between my mum and I isn’t 100% but we have that mother-daughter gossips often because am the only female child out of 12 children, technically, I have 11 male siblings.I still don’t understand why my parents had so much children.

Despite the closeness between my mum n I,I still couldn’t bring myself to tell her about the monster because he’s actually her younger brother,he is also a Pastor whom my Mum trusts so much, telling her was definitely not an option because she wouldn’t believe, that was my thought some years ago though.

Enough of my family stories, let me tell you about the Monster.It’s been 14 years now but I still remember vividly like it happened yesterday,I was just 7 years old when it started and it happened for 4 years till he travelled outside the country.

It all started on a cold Tuesday morning, I was down with malaria so I couldn’t go to school, I was left alone with my Uncle and the maid.I just finished having my bath when my uncle came to my room to check up on me, he used to be my favorite Uncle until he turned to be a Monster 
I was applying Vaseline on my body when he came in like a roaring Lion, pushed me to my bed, he came on top of me,covered my mouth with his strong hand, used the other to part my legs and I could feel were sharp pains and blood streaming down my legs.

He cleaned me up and dressed me up after the whole drama without saying a word, I actually didn’t understood what happened then until I got to secondary school,it happened everyday for 4 years till he travelled out of the country.He always come into my room without saying a word and leaves without saying a word.

I am 21 years old now, the events of 14 years ago still haunts me, I didn’t have the courage to tell a single soul, you are actually the first person am pouring my heart to and I want you to hold on to my secret to yourself because I am not ready to face my family and “The Monster”.

I wouldn’t wanna go into the details of why I told no-one especially my mum,am sure when you finally get to my religious,innocent looking, extremely calm,always smiling and forever speaking in tongues Uncle, maybe you will understand why I was silent about it.

Mum called to tell me he is back in the country and he is looking at an hotel very close to my University.He is requesting for me to come pick what he got for the family.

I was silent for more than 20 seconds when I heard those words from my mom on the phone.

I am still outside in the cold with different thoughts popping into my head.I would need you to help me make a choice because you are the first am opening up to after being silent for 14 years.

Should I open up to my family?  Will they believe me? 
Should I go to the hotel and kill him??
Should I remain silent forever?

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