Poem: The Best Dad by Soye Akag

I’m so lonely in this universe, 
Sulking always by myself, 
And now a motherless child’s path
Is likened to that of a living dead, 
Alone in this world with my father, 
“Best dad” is his song I have always heard.  

Here comes the monster at midnight, 
I can hear his staggering footsteps, 
His heavy movement without fright, 
His quick but unhealthy ragged breaths, 
Just as he steps in my room with a dim light, 
I get caught in between my fears to fret. 

I began wondering what people would say, 
But what people? the question leapt, 
The ones that never cared to listen anyway, 
To my plight after my mother’s death, 
They never bothered to question my pains, 
Or my screams during the monster’s threats. 

I made a decision to end it tonight, 
Monster came in as drunk as usual, 
Pulled down his trouser with speed of light, 
Looked at me saying, “you remind me of your mother.”, 
I knew he’d be meeting her in the twinkling of an eye, 
So I plunged the knife straight through his heart with the saddest of smiles on my lips,
Fulfilled,I watched him die.

Finally,the monster is dead
My torments are over,
Now it’s time,
I drank my already made drink from the cup of death,
I smiled when I looked at the monster’s body lying on the floor in his own pool of blood,
Mama,I just killed my father,
The β€˜Best Dad’ in the world

I see my soul leaving behind my mortal body.

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